U Mass-Lowell Post Convention Debriefing

14 October 2009

The U Mass-Lowell AES Section is really on a tear with meetings lately. I really like this idea of having a post-convention debriefing amongst the students.

I know the Toronto Section has long held a post-convention meeting in the form of a paper review by Stan Lipshitz and John Vanderkooy. Sometimes the folks who attended workshops give a review as well.

Back from AES 127

13 October 2009

Exhausted? Oh yeah. But what a great time.

I got to touch base with many of the people who are section officers at the sections in the Eastern US & Canada: Toronto, Boston, New York, D.C., PSU, McGill, New England Institute of Art, Peabody, Hartford, U. Mass-Lowell . . . did I forget anyone?

Congratulations to the New York Section who are now the largest in the world with 995 1014 members! And welcome Ithaca College Student Section, the newest section in the region.

Lots of committee meetings and the Board of Governors meeting. Those of us who worked on the aes.org relaunch were very proud to have received a Board of Governors Award from the society. Then we sat down to figure out what we should do next.

I did manage to take in a few workshops, papers and panels. The new iCal downloadable version of the schedule was hugely helpful. Amazingly I did not see the trade show floor at all. Too busy.

Learned a lot and got to spend time with the coolest audio geeks in the world. Thanks AES.

PSU Student Section Presentation at AES 127

8 October 2009

If you are at AES 127 in New York this weekend be sure to catch a presentation by Scott Porter, Todd Marco, Jeremy Joseph, Jason Morris of Pennsylvania State University. They’ll be sharing ideas about running a student section. The PSU Section have done a great job and this presentation should be inspiring to other sections, student and professional.

The presentation takes place at 11:30 Fri Oct 8 in 1E16. Here’s the description.

P2-6 Engineering Outreach for Student Chapter Activities—Scott Porter, Todd Marco, Jeremy Joseph, Jason Morris, The Pennsylvania State University – State College PA, USA

The Penn State Audio Engineering Society Student Section has been active since its establishment in late 1991. Recently, the student officers have made a concerted effort to increase the section’s visibility and outreach to university students in science and engineering disciplines at both the graduate and undergraduate level. To accomplish this, the authors built around the existing infrastructure by adding new events and programs to engage students at a variety of technical, artistic, and interpersonal levels.

In this paper the section’s core programming will be briefly discussed and followed by an examination of the additional events that have attracted new science and engineering students to the section.

Convention Paper 7832

2009 Boston Area Definitive Audio Student Summit

19 September 2009

BADASS is back for another year and as always the line up of presenters is pretty awesome.

The event takes place in Boston on Saturday Sept 26 from 9:00 – 4:30.

If you are within striking distance of Boston you really shouldn’t miss it.

Check out heyaudiostudent.com for more details.


Apple Discounts for AES Members in US & Canada

17 September 2009

Here’s another great value-add for AES Members. The AES has a deal with Apple which provides

  • Special member pricing on Apple products
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Complimentary shipping on most orders
  • Free engraving on all new iPod models
  • Mac customization

Just log in to the AES Member Portal and scroll down to the Member Discounts section.

AES and Apple are hoping to extend the agreement to other countries.

Those of you running sections please get the word out to your local members and prospective members.

Subscribe to 127th AES Convention Events in Your Calendar Application

14 September 2009

Juggling your schedule for AES Conventions just got a little easier. Steve has implemented iCalendar events for each of the tracks of the Technical Program for the upcoming 127th Convention in New York.

For example, if you visit the Workshops page you’ll see a Subscribe to iCalendar link. Click on that to download the appropriate .ics file and all the workshop events will be entered in your personal calendar. Be sure to set your preferences to update the calendar periodically. If there are any changes to the schedule they will show up automatically in your Calendar.

iCalendar is an open standard so this works across a number of calendering systems. It’s been tested in Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal but it should also work in a large number of other applications.

Pretty sweet. Now it will be a lot simpler to see which of the four overlapping events you really, really want to attend! ;-]


New Features for Sections at aes.org

27 July 2009

I’m sure most of you have noticed that aes.org has had a major upgrade lately! Please have a look around. There’s a ton of content, great new features, and it’s much easier to find your way around.

Here I’ll focus only on items specifically of interest to Sections and the executive committees which run those sections.

First up, Sections is a menu item of it’s own. Hover over that item and you’ll see some of what’s available. Click on Sections and you’ll be taken to a page listing all the sections world-wide.

If you are logged in the site knows where your section is and automatically expands to display the sections in your region. Note that you can see other sections by clicking on the appropriate region.

For years sections have been asked to submit meeting reports. More recently we made it possible for you to submit these reports using an online form. Now we’ve arrived at the “final” step: we’re publishing those reports so that everyone can read them.

If you are logged in you might have noticed that in the Sections menu there is a direct link to your section. When you arrive at your section you’ll see a listing of your section’s executive committee. Below that you’ll see a list of Meeting Reports submitted by your section.

If you want to see all the meeting reports which have been submitted world-wide go to Sections -> Meeting Reports.

There’s also a menu item under Sections called Resources for Section Officers and that’s just what you’ll find there: explanations of and links to meeting report forms, section officer update forms, the membership database, etc. If you are logged in you will see a list of files you can download.

Speaking of being logged in, notice in the upper right of each page under Member Services you’ll find a link to My Member Portal. From there you will find quick links to content customized for you.

We have more plans for the future but we hope you’ll agree that this is a pretty good start.


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